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INTRO 2010 - Beijing Electronic Music Festival

Da Acupuncture Records, editora dedicada à música electrónica e à "club culture" de Pequim, recebi a seguinte informação, que passo a partilhar, sobre a segunda edição do único festival de música electrónica realizado na capital chinesa. Cheers!

Ideas Need To Reach Out

Origins of  “INTRO”       
"On May 23, 2009, China’s first ever large-scale outdoor electronic music festival was successfully launched at 751 D-Park. The INTRO 2009 festival publicly introduced electronic music culture in a series of inspiring documentary screenings, forums, parties and other pre-event activities, all focused on the development and innovation of digital music and multi-media art. 
INTRO 2010       
On May 22nd, 2010 Acupuncture Records will once again welcome and delight over ten thousand of China’s electronic music fans by presenting world-renowned DJs, producers, and visual artists joint with China’s favorite local talent. 
The unprecedented festival line-up this year promises mind-blowing performances on the Main Stage, the Welcome Stage and the Lives Stage, featuring over 40 top-notch DJs and VJs.    The headliners include:       Robag Wruhme, a heavyweight historical figure in Germany’s electronic scene and member of the now split-up legendary techno duo Wighnomy Brothers (main characters in the award-winning documentary “Speaking in Code”);    three-member new concept DJ/band project dOP from France, who have wowed the world with their one of a kind, multi-style live performances and releases;    Oxia from France is known for putting the groove back into minimal and is the owner of some of the best dancefloor smash hits and biggest selling tracks in the past five years;    and Takkyu Ishino, godfather of Japan’s dance scene and head honcho of Japan’s biggest techno rave “WIRE”."  

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