domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Watch your step: Dubstep made in Macau

Na última edição de "Próximo Oriente" conta-se com um DJ Mix de N1D, produtor de Macau que se dedica a um género de música elecrónica que tem ganho proeminência nos últimos anos, o Dubstep. Este DJ Mix foi gravado em exclusivo para o "Próximo Oriente".
Deixo aqui a apresentação deste jovem produtor que, através da sua música, aproxima Macau do underground londrino. 

N1D is one of the key players in the Dubstep scene of Hong Kong and Macau. Started off in 2008, representing Heavy Hong Kong. N1D is now playing as a major role in the Heavy Dubstep Forward nights, bringing the heaviest Macau sounds on the underground dance floors of Hong Kong. He is also one of a very few dance music producers doing Dubstep and heavy bassline music in Asia. One of his productions “Sunshine” has been selected by France D&B / Dubstep massive Youthman (Central Massive, Bingo) as the intro tune of his studio mix in 2008.
2008 November, N1D had been invited and headline by the Shelter Shanghai (acclaimed as the best venue of underground music in China,) as guest DJ for the Sub-Culture night. 2009 April, he had been back to the shelter again to be the supporting guest DJ for MC RUMI (acclaimed as thte best female MC in Japan) & SKYFISH from Japan.
N1D has played along with Goth-Trad (Deep Medi, Japan), Truth (Deep Medi Music, New Zealand), Boj Lucki (MIR Crew, Sweden), Mael (Italy), Matt-B (Bass Science CrewJapan), Greg G (7even Recordings, France), Rumi & Skyfish (Japan), Didjelirium (Tahiti, Shanghai), MC ChaCha (Shanghai)…etc
N1D is now locking himself in his studio room and making some seriously heavy dubs for his underground dubplate business. 

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