sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Discos #10

T(H)REE "New Musical Roots From Portugal,  Hong Kong and Macau" 2010, Hong Kong, Macau e Portugal
Thumb Girl "Dear Su" 2008, "Broken Flowers" 2009, "The Children Lost in the Chord" 2009, China
Horse in Darkness "V/A Half of Bottle vol. 6" 2007, China
Pentatonic "If you don't understand the I can't explain it to you" 2009, China
48 V "South"2006, China
Bigger Bang "Bigger Bang" 2009, China
Pet Conspiracy "Pet Conspiracy EP" 2008, China
Slow Reverse "Slow Reverse" 2009, Tailândia
Aspidistrafly "I hold a wish for you" 2008, Singapura

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