domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

Discos #15

White "White", 2008, China
Liu Kun "Hey Youth", 2010, China
Low Wormwood "We Can't Help Kissing Each Other", 2008, China
The Gar "The Gar", 2009, China
8 Eye Spy "How Damn Far to YinMa Lane", 2009, China
Ourself Beside Me "Ourself Beside Me", 2009, China
P.K. 14 "City Weather Sailing", 2008, China
Joyside "Maybe Tonight", Silly Girl", China
Carsick Cars "You Can Listen, You Can Talk", 2009, China
AV Okubo "The Greed of Man", 2010, China
24 Hours "No Party People", 2009, China
Snapline "Party's Over Pornostar", 2007, China

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