sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

INTRO 2010 - Beijing Electronic Music Festival

PRÓXIMO ORIENTE was at this year's INTRO 2010, the second Electronic Music Festival in Beijing.

It was a one-day marathon of more than 40 DJs from all over the world spinning records, tickling clicks and manipulating knobs in three stages at 751 D-Park, east of 798 Art District.

The event lasted 10 hours. Robag Wruhme, dOP, OXIA, Takkyu Ishino and Beijing Djs like Elvis T, Dave K, Terry Tu or Liman rocked the place.

Cheers for everybody that helped organizing this event, specially Miao Wong and all the crew at Acupuncture Records.

All photos by Hugo Pinto, 22.05.2010.

Welcome to Intro 2010
Colorful visions
"Follow me, please"
Dead J
D Park @ 798 Art District
dOP, from France
Smiling faces
Good vibrations
Acupuncture Records rocks!
Night falls
Liman in action
See you @ INTRO 2011

segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

Discos #12

Flica "Nocturnal", 2008, Malásia
Me:Mo "Acoustic View", 2007, China
Me:Mo/Akira Kosemura "V/A In This Nest We Found Our Winged Tales", 2009, Malásia
Dead J "Mental Imagery", 2005, "Mental Magic", 2006, China
Yukihiro Takahashi "Page by Page", 2009, Japão
Soft "The Definitive Japanese Scene Vol. 1", 2009, Japão
Force of Nature "III - European Edition", 2008, Japão
Aus "Lang", 2006, Japão
48 V "South", 2006, China 

Edição 22.05.2010

quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010

Discos #11

Loro's "Pax", 2008, Coreia do Sul
Sarin "Jump From the Building and Release Your Heart", 2008, Indonésia
Taken By Cars "Endings of a New Kind", 2008, Filipinas
Cornelius "Sensuous", 2006, Japão
No. 9 "Usual Revolution and 9", 2008, Japão
Hopscotch "A Wishful Way", 2002, China

Edição 15.05.2010

sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Discos #10

T(H)REE "New Musical Roots From Portugal,  Hong Kong and Macau" 2010, Hong Kong, Macau e Portugal
Thumb Girl "Dear Su" 2008, "Broken Flowers" 2009, "The Children Lost in the Chord" 2009, China
Horse in Darkness "V/A Half of Bottle vol. 6" 2007, China
Pentatonic "If you don't understand the I can't explain it to you" 2009, China
48 V "South"2006, China
Bigger Bang "Bigger Bang" 2009, China
Pet Conspiracy "Pet Conspiracy EP" 2008, China
Slow Reverse "Slow Reverse" 2009, Tailândia
Aspidistrafly "I hold a wish for you" 2008, Singapura

Edição 08.05.2010

segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

Discos #9

Zlox "eXpo - A compilation of independent Chinese electronic artists" 2010, Xangai, China
B6 "Post Haze" 2010, Xangai, China
DJ Sig Xangai, China
The Shanghai Restoration Project "The Shanghai Restoration Project" 2006, "Story of a City" 2008, "Zodiac" 2009, EUA
Zhang Lu "Shanghai Nights" 1992, Xangai/Hong Kong
Muscle Snog "Mind Shop" 2009, Xangai, China
Boojii "Reserved" 2009, Xangai, China

Edição 01.05.2010